About the University Graduate Council

The University Graduate Council consists of voting members and non-voting, ex officio members. Voting members are drawn from and represent the graduate faculty of West Virginia University. Non-voting, ex officio members include the Associate Provost for Graduate academic Affairs, the University Provost or his/her designee, the Vice President of Health Sciences or his/her designee, a representative of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (who must be a regular or associate member of the graduate faculty), and a representative from an appropriate graduate student organization.

The University Graduate Council derives its authority from the faculty, the Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, and the Vice President for Health Sciences and it works in conjunction with the Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs. The duties of the University Graduate Council include responsibility for graduate programs both on and off campus. The Graduate Council works with the Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs to review proposals for new graduate programs (including college/school level graduate certificate programs), evaluate substantive revisions in graduate curricula (e.g., the establishment of a new major within a program, elimination of a major, program name change), coordinate periodic program reviews, recommend to the Provost the University minimal criteria for graduate faculty membership, and consider such other matters affecting graduate education as are brought to the council by an administrative officer of the University, a graduate faculty member, or a graduate student.

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